Exciting Museum News

Right as we approach the holidays, the Akron Art Museum has made to significant announcements. Below you will find snippets from the press releases and the links.

“At the conclusion of its 90th anniversary year, the Akron Art Museum is pleased to announce a pledge from museum supporters Rick and Alita Rogers as the lead gift for the design and construction of its long awaited outdoor sculpture garden. The completed outdoor gallery and multi-use space will bear the name of Bruce and Susanne Rogers, Rick’s parents, who are among Akron’s most devoted community boosters.” – http://akronartmuseum.org/newsroom/details.php?unid=3537

“The Akron Art Museum Board of Trustees announced the appointment of Janice Driesbach as the museum’s interim director, effective January 3, 2013. Current Director and CEO Mitchell D. Kahan’s ends his 26-year tenure on January 2 and will assume the role of Director Emeritus.” – http://akronartmuseum.org/newsroom/details.php?unid=3538


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