By Mark Masuoka, Executive Director and CEO

The tradition of our government officials pardoning a turkey during the Thanksgiving holiday is a symbolic act of forgiveness by allowing one lucky turkey the chance to see another day. It may not be the most profound reflection of a holiday created to give thanks, but in many ways it suggests that in order to be truly thankful, we must first understand what it means to give.   The Akron Art Museum is thankful for our family of supporters because of what they give to the museum, and even more so, we are thankful for what is allows us to give back to our community.

Over the past year, the museum has provided hundreds families and kids the opportunity to participate in free education programs and gallery admission as a result of support provided by our generous museum sponsors. FREE THURSDAYS at the Akron Art Museum is a substantial gift  to the community and a successful initiative that makes it possible for everyone to have a quality art experience.

In order for the museum to provide these programs and art experiences, it takes a highly dedicated staff that gives their time, energy and creativity far beyond the call of duty. I AM THANKFUL to have the privileged to work with a group of highly creative individuals that understand the value of giving back to our community and helping everyone to not just be creative, but to LIVE CREATIVE.

Thank you for your support and please join me in celebrating our cultural community and thanking those who have dedicated their lives to enrich the lives of others.



  1. I know I’m particularly thankful this year that @akronartmuseum has helped me see my own work in a whole new light.

    Until July, museums were sort of a theoretical part of the future of high school. We knew museums had to be included much more in the work of high schools. We had a sketch of how.

    This year that theory started to fill in, thanks much to the work being done in Akron. Getting to be a part of the community conversations let us see more of how a big museum is organized, how it connects to community behind the scenes, and what it’s current challenges are in a fast changing time.


    (Plus I’m excited about #insideOutAkron! )

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