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Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Holiday Gift Guide 2013

In the past we have done a very successful countdown of gifts from our store starting on Black Friday through mid-December. However, this year we wanted to do something different and give you more.

The retail geniuses in our store have put together a gift guide that includes everything from posters to mugs to games to even giant pencils. We’ll be adding to the guide throughout the holidays based on what comes in and what sells out. There’s even a 10% off coupon in the guide! Simply follow the link, click on “Claim 10% off.” All you have to do is print the page or bring it in on your phone. Have friends or family that would love 10% in the store? Share it with them.

The last day to shop the store before Hanukkah and Thanksgiving is Wednesday, November 27. The last day to shop before Christmas is Sunday, December 22.

Questions about the store? Visit our website or call 330.376.9186 x280.