Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Holiday Gift Guide 2013

In the past we have done a very successful countdown of gifts from our store starting on Black Friday through mid-December. However, this year we wanted to do something different and give you more.

The retail geniuses in our store have put together a gift guide that includes everything from posters to mugs to games to even giant pencils. We’ll be adding to the guide throughout the holidays based on what comes in and what sells out. There’s even a 10% off coupon in the guide! Simply follow the link, click on “Claim 10% off.” All you have to do is print the page or bring it in on your phone. Have friends or family that would love 10% in the store? Share it with them.

The last day to shop the store before Hanukkah and Thanksgiving is Wednesday, November 27. The last day to shop before Christmas is Sunday, December 22.

Questions about the store? Visit our website or call 330.376.9186 x280.


Countdown to Gift Giving 2012: Day 13

detroit disassembled

Exhibition catalogues are a great way for you to both revisit your favorite exhibitions and share them with friends and family who may have missed them.

Detroit Disassembled: Photographs by Andrew Moore provides vivid reproductions of the images from the popular exhibition of the same name. Named one of the top picks for books in the 2010 New York Times Holiday Gift Guide, it is now in its third printing.

The Penland Book of Glass: Master Classes in Flamework Techniques offers stunning photographs, brilliant essays and systematic lessons from Paul Stankard and his Penland School of Crafts contemporaries.

Ray Turner: Population offers vibrant reproductions of the California artist’s oil paint on glass portraits of a wide cross- section of people from across the country. Included in the exhibition, featured at the museum during the first half of 2012, were portraits of University Park and downtown Akron residents

Pattern ID highlights a trend amongst contemporary artists to use pattern and dress as a language communicating who they are and where they come from. The catalogue features 15 artists of diverse origins who have seized on pattern and dress as powerful visual connectors between themselves, their histories and their audiences and includes work from the museum’s collection.

Also available are two catalogues of the autobiographical photography of Bea Nettles, whose work was on view at the museum earlier this year.



Penland Book of Glass

Countdown to Gift Giving 2012: Day 18

Games by Funnybone Toys incorporate strong design principles to stimulate creativity and give your brain a workout. These games are designed to be enjoyed by players of all ages.

ARRAY: Connect the cards to build a beautiful array of colors. You can play Array on a table – but for even more fun, play it on the floor and see how big your array can grow!

CUBU: Visual illusion leads to confusion as you try to follow number and color sequences, don’t forget to watch out for the action cards that could completely disrupt your turn! Get to 100 points first to win CUBU!

SPECTRIX: Build and expand groups of beautiful color sequences and matches. Mix and match your own and other players’ cards into strategic groups to be the first to play your entire hand.

Countdown to Gift Giving 2012: Day 20

We are starting this year’s countdown with something every gift-buyer needs: wrapping paper.









Don’t just wrap your presents in generic paper this holiday season! These exciting designs are the by-products of creating fine art and are actual photos taken of surfaces in the artists’ studios. Alternatively, if animal prints are more your style, we have that too.  The Akron Art Museum is the exclusive venue in Ohio to carry this all-occasion, high quality paper from Wrapped LA.

Countdown to Gift Giving 2011

Why spend hours of your valuable time in malls and busy electronic stores when you can buy unique and inspiring gifts at the Akron Art Museum Store? Not only can you purchase gifts at this year’s Fourth Annual Holiday mART, but you can also stop in the Museum Store. If the galleries are open, so is the Museum Store.

Each day we will be debuting some great gift ideas, so check back daily!

1. Tatebanko


Tatebanko is the forgotten 17th-century Japanese art of creating detailed dioramas from paper. The Tatebanko kits revive this elegant tradition with works of famed Japanese and European artists. Beautifully designed for easy assembly and printed in Japan with attention to detail.

2. Monet Rubber Ducky T-Shirt

Monet Rubber Ducky T-Shirt

We’re just having a little fun here with one of the masters of impressionism.  The folks at Fliptomania searched through the archives of many masters, and discovered this extremely rare Monet, featuring a mama rubber ducky and her duckylings floating on one of his spectacular lily ponds.  They thought it deserved to be on a T-shirt.

3. Henry Bergeson Kaleidoscopes

Bergeson Step Up     Bergeson Moontide

All Henry Bergeson Kaleidoscopes are handcrafted of fine hardwoods wityh polished brass fittings and ultra-fine object cases.  Each piece offers a unique, unsurpasses visual sensation that will delight both young and old.  They are an absolute pleasure to use and are superbly crafted to last a lifetime.

4. Cari Miller’s Akron Art Museum Ornament

Cari Miller's Ornament

Akron artist Cari Miller’s love for the city is evident in her unique, colorful depictions of its iconic symbols. Miller’s other Akron items, including photographs of the city, as well as her wide-ranging other work (many using recycled materials) can be found in her studio and gallery in the Summit Artspace building, 140 E. Market St. For more information, visit or find her on Facebook.

You can buy this ornament in the Museum Store during Holiday mART tonight!

5. Fractiles


Fractiles-7 is basically a magnetic puzzle. But it is also more than a puzzle. Fractiles consists of versatile flexible diamond shaped tiles that can be combined and recombined into an infinite number of designs. Great for use on a refrigerator or while traveling.

6. Paddibles- The perfect hostess gift

Padibbles Looky LouPadibbles Edgy Etiquette

These beverage-sized napkins are different than any on the market! Why? Because within the gift-boxed package, each edition has 8 assorted designs and 2 of each design! All  designs have a variety of beautiful, hand painted original artwork. Paddibles have jokes, conversation starters, games and fun facts to engage the users. They appeal to both young and old and are the perfect hostess gift!

7. CitiBlocs

citiblocs pinkCitibloc Dimensions

CitiBlocs are high-quality wooden construction blocks. The secret behind these blocks is that every piece is exactly the same shape and size.  Your creations require no glue, snaps, connectors or magnets, just gravity, balance and imagination!

8. Designer Duct Tape

Designer Duct Tape HoundstoothDesigner Duct Tape Plate

Patterned duct tape takes adhesives to a whole new level. It’s durable, versatile, and, of course, way more attractive than the silver stuff. Release your inner artist with Platypus Designer Duct Tape. Pair favorite colors and patterns to create a unique gift for the crafter in your life. If you’re lucky, you might just receive a designer duct tape masterpiece in return.

9. Calico June Jewelry

Calico June Jewelry by Bonnie Riconda is based on her love of brilliant, bright colors and a feeling of airiness. She doesn’t use any pre-made or fabricated parts and wraps all gemstones and beads by hand. She even makes her own hoops and French wires. Gemstones, crystals and pearls create a wonderful color palette.

Hey Members! Don’t forget to stop by the Museum Store for great discounts for today only and at 3 pm join other members for a first look at the new acquisitions.

10. Artistic Games: Art Ditto, American Art Ditto, Go Fish, Art Shark


Educational, fun, and award winning art games from Birdcage Press.  Art Shark is a winner of the iParenting Media Award.  American Art Ditto was named Game of The Year by Creative Child Magazine.  Modern Artists Go Fish for Art is the latest addition to a line of Go Fish decks that have received Parents’ Choice Gold Medals.

11. Happy December with Sherpa Pens

Sherpa Pen StripesSherpa Pen Half and HalfSherpa Pen Quasar

The Sherpa is a unique pen shell that holds a variety of disposable pens and markers including Sharpie, Pilots and Accent highlighters as its refill. It comes in many different styles for you to enjoy. Each Sherpa is designed with an innovative cap to keep the color of your marker or pen bold and fresh every time.

12.Make Your Own Monster Doll

Make Your Own Monster Doll

Create your own monster doll with this kit that doesn’t requires pins or needles.  Assorted colored felt and templates let you create personalized features. Instructions and birth certificate included are even included.

13. Morph Pads
Writing notes will become even more fun with these morphable pads. Twist and shape them into fun desktop art.

rph Pad PicassoMorph Pad Splatter  Morph Pad Stripes

Each pad includes 1,000 sheets of 100% recycled paper hand made in Canada.

14. Cyber Monday

MoMA Lacing Cards

These unique l cards teach shapes, colors, and textures and develop hand-eye coordination with striking design and photography. Bright, colorful cards with die-cut shapes can be laced alone or laced together into a book.Fundamental concepts have never been so versatile to use or fun to look at!  $14.99

Moma Houses

Create a delightfully modern house with this innovative set of modular nesting boxes! Aspiring architects and designers of all ages can create modern spaces, arrange furniture and accessories, and pack it all up to go with this distinctive house!

Moma Towers

Balance these brightly colored and playfully tilted blocks to make towers of fun! Sturdy and lightweight, these 10 vibrant blocks can be arranged in endless combinations for hours of building fun.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

15. Robert Held Art Glass

 Robert Held California Poppy Heartbeat Robert Held California Poppy Posy Vase

Inspired by the famous impressionist painting “Poppy fields” by Claude Monet, the California Poppy line combines stunning poppies with soft muted background tones. Variations in the pattern make each bowl or vase a unique work of art.

16. Calendars

In honor of Small Business Saturday stop by the Museum Store and pick up some amazing and inspiration calendars for the upcoming year.

JMW Turner Calendar

J.M.W. Turner Calendar

Known for his technical brilliance, J.M.W. Turner is considered a master of landscape painting—his exquisite renderings of the sky and sea exhibit unusual complexity, expressive power, and superb use of light and color.

Cezanne Calendar

Paul Cezanne Calendar

A self-taught painter, Paul Cezanne kept abreast of the latest styles and philosophies at a time when Paris was bursting with creative vitality—all while developing his own unique artistic expression. His analytical approach to painting challenged the spontaneity of impressionism and influenced many avant-garde movements, including Cubism and Fauvism.

Hudson River School Calendar

Paintings of the Hudson River School Calendar

Breaking with the European tradition of serene landscapes, the Hudson River School artists, led by Thomas Cole, presented the American wilderness as a place of rough majesty. Though many of them never met, their works have in common precise brushwork, dramatic light, and landscapes that evoke strong emotions. This calendar includes paintings by Albert Bierstadt, Frederic Edwin Church, Thomas Cole, Jasper Francis Cropsey, Thomas Doughty, Asher Brown Durand, George Inness, and John Frederick Kensett.

Monet Mini Calendar
Monet Mini Wall Calendar

In childhood, Monet learned the basics of drawing from a student of the great Neoclassical master Jacques-Louis David. Instead of minutely detailed scenes of Roman drama, he preferred to paint more familiar subjects, such as landscapes, captured with quick, flickering touches of the brush.

Listed calendars are printed on FSC certified paper with soy-based inks.

17. Kittelson Kaleidoscopes

Kittelson ScopesKittelson Interior Kaleidoscope View

Add some color to Black Friday and purchase an artistic kaleidoscope. These handheld kaleidoscopes are created by Steve and Peggy Kittelson of Woodland Designs.